Kent County’s best trout stream may have just gotten better

Last month, Trout Unlimited announced it was going to sponsor Kent County’s Rogue River by studying and improving the water quality and trout habitat.

The organization, which has more than 400 chapters nationwide and 14,000 members, has designated the stream as one of its “Home Rivers.”  TU has 12 Home River projects across the country, and the projects usually last six to eight years.

The Rogue River is classified as a “marginal” trout stream, which means its water temperatures are warmer than ideal but cool enough to sustain some natural reproduction and an abundance of hatchery trout.

The river is a tributary of the Grand River, and is arguably the best trout stream in the Grand Rapids area.  Just a 20-minute drive north on US 131, the Rogue is a Type 4 river under the Michigan DNR’s river management system, which means that all types of bait are permitted and that at least part of the river is open year-round, although the segment above the Rockford Dam is only open from the last Saturday in April until the last day of September.

The limit is five fish per day, with only three fish over 15 inches allowed, and only one salmon allowed.  Minimum sizes for trout are 8 inches for brookies , and 10 inches for browns and rainbows.

The lower Rogue River

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